Teacher Activism

DSCF0146This strand of the group is interested in any research relating to teachers as ‘activist professionals’.  This term was first used by Judyth Sachs as she explored ideas about a progressive teacher professionalism that was concerned with more than questions of professional practice, but was also concerned with shaping the context in which teachers’ work takes place.  Nor was this professionalism agnostic about wider questions of social justice, but rather an activist professionalism was intimately connected to movements devoted to tackling social injustice.

This agenda captures much of the interest of this strand of the Network. We are concerned with teachers as activist professionals, in all their myriad forms.  We are particularly interested in understanding how teachers work collectively, with other teachers and with groups outside teaching, to advocate for public education and social justice.  In some cases this may involve teachers working through their traditional collective organisations in the form of teacher unions, but in other cases their activity may be much more informal and ad hoc.

Our interests are intentionally broad as we seek to capture the diversity of the new activist professionalism.  Although this strand has a particular focus on teachers and educators we are also interested in how, and under what circumstances, teachers form alliances with other constituencies represented by this Network.

This strand of the Network is convened by Howard Stevenson (University of Nottingham, UK). If you wish to be involved contact Howard directly, or email Lauri Johnson and ask to be added to the Network email list.