Community Engagement

This strand of the Network is interested in research that examines groups or organizations that engage in educational advocacy. Groups that fit this description vary (e.g., by size, purpose, structure, membership, goals) and include community-based organizations, advocacy groups, interest groups, businesses, religious groups, foundations, think tankCongreso-Peittion-Pics, professional organizations, and professionally-oriented groups. Among many possibilities, research in this strand may examine why groups engage in educational advocacy, how they engage, effects of their advocacy efforts, and how context influences advocacy and outcomes. Rather than situating their work exclusively within rational choice models, researchers in this strand use diverse theories to understand community engagement and view educational processes and research as inherently political.  An aim of the Network is to facilitate international comparisons of groups’ advocacy efforts and outcomes.

This strand of the Network is convened by Sue Winton (York University, Toronto, ON, Canada). If you wish to be involved contact Sue directly or email Lauri Johnson and ask to be added to the Network email list.


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