We are an International Research Network within the World Education Research Association focused on Families, Educators, and Communities as Educational Advocates: Cross National Perspectives. Our WERA webpage is here.

Our aim is to build on and expand traditional understandings of school-family-community partnerships by identifying different kinds of communities that engage and advocate for educational change in ways and for purposes not always recognized in the extant literature. In this international research network we aim to take a critical look at the research regarding culturally responsive school-community partnerships that challenge the status quo and work to improve democratic decision-making, support public education, strengthen neighborhoods, and advocate for diverse participation in educational arenas. We are committed to working internationally and to developing cross-national perspectives.

The work of the Network is focused on three strands, each with a convenor.

  • Family Engagement                   Lauri Johnson (Boston College, USA)
  • Community Engagement           Sue Winton (York University, Canada)
  • Teacher Activism                       Howard Stevenson (University of Nottingham, UK)

Blogposts relating to each strand can be found by clicking on the relevant Category in the left hand tool bar.

The Network has an ambitious plan of work for a three year period from 2016-2018. Some of that is set out in our proposal to establish the Network – available here. However, new plans are being developed all the time.

Interested? Membership and joining:

Membership is open to anyone interested in the areas identified in our proposal and on this website. You do not have to be a WERA member.  Moreover, given our research interests we are keen to involve those outside of the academic community in membership. If your interests include educational advocacy then please join us.

Members will receive email updates about the work of the Network – meetings at conferences, seminars and publishing opportunities.  We are keen to involve people but it will be up to individual members to decide what activities they want to be involved in.

To join, simply email Lauri Johnson and we will add you to the membership list.


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