WERA symposia at CSSE, May 27-31, 2017, Toronto

If you would like to present a paper as part of a symposia with other members of our Network at the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE), please send Sue Winton a 250 word abstract by September 15, 2016 (swinton@edu.yorku.ca).  Sue. Lauri, and Howard will then review the nature and number of submissions and determine if/how to put together one or more symposia around our Network’s theme of educational advocacy.  Abstracts should include the paper’s  (a) purpose; (b) perspective(s) or theoretical framework; (c) methods and/or techniques; (d) data source(s); (e) results, conclusions and/or interpretations; and (f) educational importance of the study.

We will let you know by September 17, 2016, what we have decided based on the submissions from our network. At that time, we may ask for modifications to your abstract to enable cohesion across multiple papers or ask you to submit an individual paper proposal.

Please contact Sue if you have any questions. We hope to see you in Toronto in May 2017!


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