WERA Sessions at ECER -August, 2016

If you plan to attend ECER in Dublin, we invite you to check out our two WERA symposiums:

1) Advocacy for Educational Policy Change: Strategies, Trajectories, and Lessons from Diverse Actors in Four Countries

Anna Sullivan, Lauri Johnson, Sue Winton, Michelle Milani, Iris Bitton, Dorit Tubin,Terry Wilkinson, Michael Evans, Andrew Saultz

ECER 2016, 23. Policy Studies and Politics of Education, Session: 23 SES 10 B

Thursday, August 25th, 3:30 – 5:00 PM Room NM-NT1

2) Emerging Paradigms and Practices in Leadership for Social Justice: Advocacy, Activism, and Indigenous Culturally Responsive Leadership

Allison Milner, Andréanne Gélinas Proulx, Charles Slater, Patricia Silva, Vicky Cerdas, Gema Lopez Gorosave, Reginald D. Wilkerson, Camille M. Wilson, Lauri Johnson, Muhammad Khalifa, Deena Khalil, Tyson Marsh, Clare Halloran

ECER 2016, 07. Social Justice and Intercultural Education, Session: 07 SES 13 D JS

Friday, August 26th, 1:30 – 3:00 PM, Room OB-H1.51

Hope to see you there!

Lauri, Sue, and Howard


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