Special Issue: Families, Educators, and Communities as Educational Advocates: Cross National Perspectives

Lauri Johnson and Sue Winton, co-convenors of this network have edited a special issue of Leadership and Policy in Schools. This is volume 15, number 1 and it is available now.

The journal includes articles by the editors and by several others including Dennis Shirley and Rodney Hopson with Peter Miller and Temple S. Lovelace. A full list of contents is here.

The publication makes a significant contribution to the developing work of this Network.

Immediate next steps in Network activity are that Lauri Johnson and Howard Stevenson will be presenting at the next BELMAS Critical Educational Policy and Leadership Studies meeting at the University of Nottingham on Saturday 13th February – https://www.belmas.org.uk/Events/CEPals-RIG-Meeting—13th-Feb-2016/32088.  Each will present on their article in the special issue.

The Network also has a symposium at the WERA focal meeting taking place alongside the American Educational Research Association annual meeting.   Full details of the Network’s presence at WERA/AERA will be on this website shortly. Click ‘Follow’ on the blog to be emailed whenever there is a new post.

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